Next Generation Platform for Thai Banking

Next Generation Platform for Thai Banking

Next Generation Platform for Thai Banking

Expert in Digital Banking

TNDS is established by a group of passionate banking system specialists who have been in the industry for over 20 years. Our teams have successfully implemented multiple core bank and digital transformation projects for major banks in Thailand.

Today, we believe we have the largest group of highly specialized engineers and consultants working on the most challenging problems for Thai banking. With our state-of-the-art digital technology, we are ready to once again push the Thai banking industry forward into the new era of unbelievable scale and agility.

TNDS is trusted by Thailand’s largest banks to take on some of the most demanding digital banking initiatives. From taking new digital lending platform to market in just under six months, to implementing record-breaking mobile loan origination in a few weeks, we have an unparalleled track record of always delivering real business value on time and on budget.

At TNDS, we see our customers as business partner who we share both the risks and the successes with. As such, regardless of the challenge, our goal is always to deliver end-to-end solutions with a fair and transparent business model that can be tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our Experts

At TNDS, we understand that a successful implementation requires much more than owning world-class technology. Most importantly, it is about the people, the methodology and the commitment to deliver real business values to our customers.

That is why we continue to invest heavily in our people. Over the years, we have created and refined our development frameworks as well as our project methodologies in order to meet the specific needs of digital banking initiatives today.

TNDS has over 40 Consultants and Business Analysts who are highly specialized in Thai banking. We have over 100 engineers who are highly trained in development of banking application using modern agile and microservices practices.

Our Solutions

With the rapid pace of disruption in the banking industry, we believe that mission-critical banking systems such as core lending can no longer be bounded by traditional on-premise, proprietary and monolithic paradigm. We also believe that digital banking projects cannot achieve their full potential by spending time and budget on customizing imported solutions.

With this belief, we set out to create the first Thai banking cloud-native core deposit and lending platform. The result is TN Connect Platform that is built entirely upon microservices architecture using open-source technology with best-in-class scalability and reliability.

Our platform is already running one of the most complex and transaction-intensive lending products in one of Thailand’s largest banks.

TN Connect Platform

With years of continuous investment, TN Connect Platform can support any lending products in Thailand and is readily complied with Thai regulatory requirements. It has virtually unlimited scalability and can even support multi-entity setting with ease. It is truly cloud-native and is built entirely with GoLang and microservices architecture. The platform achieves 24/7 digital banking including account opening with no critical batch down time. The capability and agility of platform has been proven as it achieved the fastest Digital lending project roll out time back in 2021.

To find out more about TN Connect, please get in touch.

Tailored Made Solutions

Aside from our TN Connect Platform, we have created many tailored made solutions for our customers such as mobile banking, tablet banking, credit scoring systems and many more.

To find out more about our tailored solutions, please get in touch.

End-to-End Implementation

With all of our solutions, we provide fully end-to-end implementation and support including:

  • Banking business requirement consulting
  • Project and product management
  • Software architecture & development
  • Change management and staff training
  • System & infrastructure monitoring and management
  • Post go-live IT & back office support

To ensure the success of our customer, every milestone is carefully managed by our proven implementation methodology.

Success Stories

K-Pay Later (K Bank), 2021

This project saw the launch of a new Buy Now Pay Later product for K-Bank. It took 6 months from start to launch with development done in just 4 months, which set a new record for the bank. The product is running on our TN Connect Platform with a co-existing implementation that is seamlessly integrated with legacy infrastructure.

Today, with the success of K-Pay Later, our platform is handling some of the most intensive single-day loan processings in the industry. This demonstrates the platform’s unparalleled performance and scalability.

COVID Digital Lending (GSB), 2020

During the pandemic, GSB was tasked with a monumental challenge of providing COVID relief loan at unprecedented scale and speed. In a matter of weeks, our team created and launched a transformation solution that put the entire loan lifecycle onto GSB’s mobile banking App, from loan origination and disbursement, to debt restructuring, all with end-to-end straight-through processing. This implementation was instrumental to the success of the relief program with over 4 million applications successfully processed in the span of only 2 weeks.

Today, the system has evolved further with the introduction of our Alternative Credit Scoring, which enables GSB to serve an even larger customer base.